Assertive Discipline


A daily point sheet is used to monitor student behavior and to determine "successful days".

5 points per day = successful day
4 points per day = successful day
3 points per day = successful day to be determined by the principal
2 points per day = bad day
1 points per day = bad day - possible assertive discipline level

0 points per day = bad day - possible assertive discipline level

1 (one) point will be taken for minor infractions such as unnecessary talking that disrupts the class,  not following directions, being off task, 2nd offense uniform or lunch violations, tardies, unnecessary touching, inappropriate comments or other minor or inappropriate actions as seen by staff. 

2 (two) points will be taken for disrespect to other students, class disruptions, talking back, not doing homework/class work, not participating in class or openly demonstrating a negative attitude.

3 (three) points will be taken for leaving class without permission, non-participation, any premeditated misbehavior, note writing, inappropriate items, uniform or lunch violation 3rd offense or abuse of school equipment.

5 (five) points will be taken for severe disruption, for any action that creates an altercation between students and/or student and staff, profanity or for a final warning before declaring a student uncontrollable.

The principal may take points, adjust points, assign home detention (see Appendix E), assign assertive discipline levels or expel students for those or other inappropriate infractions that may not be included above.

The following is a list of behaviors that will result in assignment of an assertive discipline level:

• Not showing an honest effort
• 3 (three) consecutive days
• Principal/Staff recommendation
• Zero Day - A zero day could result in an assertive discipline level
• Profanity - No student is to use profanity, make obscene gestures, write profanity or obscenities or be in possession of items that depict 

• Severe Disruption - Any outburst that endangers out students, staff or property
• Electronic Devices - No student should bring any type of battery-operated device to the alternative school. This includes laser beams,
  flashlights, I-Pods, CD players, MP3 players, pagers or cell phones. Watches and calculators are not considered electronic devices.

• Vandalism or Destruction of Property - No student should damage, attempt to damage or deface any property or structure. Restitution is
  necessary for this offense
• Threat or instigation of a fight - could result in expulsion
• Excessive Tardiness - 3 (three) unexcused could result in a level
• Improper Use of Medication - Could result in expulsion
• Unexcused Absences - Could result in expulsion
• Bullying
• Anything Drug and/or Gang Related - Pictures, drawings or discussing drugs/alcohol/gangs (including gestures)
• Discussion of Placement at Miller Boyd - Students are not to discuss why they are at Miller Boyd Alternative School during their time with us


Assertive Discipline Level I - Parent contact and 1 (one) day out of school suspension or 1 (one) day of ALP (Alternative Learning Placement/In-School Suspension) (see Appendix C).

Assertive Discipline Level II - Parent conference + 1-day suspension

Assertive Discipline Level III - Expulsion or 2-day suspension + parent conference + special contract

Students may be suspended from Alternative School:

• 1 (one) Day when Assertive Discipline Level I is reached

• 2 (two) Days when Assertive Discipline Level II is reached

• When the principal believes it is in the best interest of the school or a student

Students who do not fulfil their contracts will be expelled.

• Students who are assigned to the Alternative School for less than 1 (one) year and are subsequently expelled from Alternative School will not be eligible to return to the home-based school until they have been out of the home-based schools a minimum of 45 days plus any time remaining until beginning of the next semester.

• Students who are enrolled at the Alternative School for 1 (one) year and are expelled from Alternative School for behavior will not be allowed to return to their home school until the expiration of the original calendar year.

• Students who are expelled from the Alternative School for possession or under the influence of drugs, alcohol or assault on a staff member will be expelled for 1 (one) calendar year and must apply for readmission through the director of schools.

• The failure of parents to attend a conference could result in expulsion of the student.


The following offenses may result in expulsion:

• Reaching Assertive Discipline Level III
• Leaving school property without permission.
• Tobacco products - No student should possess or use any form of tobacco product per TCA 39-17-1505.
• Fighting - Any student participating in a fight will be expelled.
• Uncontrollable Behavior - A student may be expelled when deemed totally out of control or for continual infractions of the same rules
• Theft - No student will steal or be in possession of another student's property or the school's property that does not belong to them
   for any reason.
• Drug, Alcohol, Weapons - No student should have drugs or alcohol or be under the influence. No student should be in possession of any
  medication or representative drug or medication. No student should have any weapon to include small knives or any item that could imitate or
  be used as a weapon.

• Assault or Disrespect on Staff - No student should touch, threaten or act in any manner that would imply a threat, danger or disrespect
  to a staff member.
• Trespassing on School Property - School property is defined as any property owned by Hamblen County Department of Education or any
  property in which an event is taking place with student participation from Hamblen County Schools. To go on school property, students can
  receive permission from the Alternative School principal or the director of schools. Also, students are not allowed to attend any school -
  sponsored events. That includes games/competitions in another county.
• Unexcused Absences or Nonattendance - With principle/staff approval, students may be placed on special contract instead of being expelled;
  however, the offense remains on the student's records.

Before any student is expelled for any reason, the Alternative School Principal may decide as to whether the student is making an honest effort. In the event that the determination of the principal is that the student's behavior is not disruptive to the educational process or is not a negative influence or does not endanger the staff or integrity of the Alternative School and if it's in the best interest of the student, then the principal may make a special contract with the student and his/her parents to allow the student to continue at the Alternative School. under the provisions of a new contract.

Any student expelled from the Alternative School may request an appeal of that expulsion. This appeal must be writing, made within 5 (five) school days and should be addressed to the superintendent of schools.

All regulations in the handbook may change in accordance with state and/or federal law or policy. They are also subject to review and modification by the Hamblen County Board of Education, the administration of Hamblen County Schools and the Alternative School administration and staff. Therefore, rules or regulations may change during a student's tenure at the Alternative School.

Appendix A / Appendix B / Appendix C


I will make an honest effort to follow the rules and regulations as set forth in the handbook and by the Hamblen County Board of Education so that I can be successful in the Alternative School. If successful, I will be allowed to return to my regular school at the end of my tenure. If unsuccessful, I will receive additional disciplinary action, which could include expulsion.


  1. I will make every effort to see that my child follows the rules of the Alternative School.
  2. I will review my child's daily progress and sign and return all correspondence.
  3. I will attend all conferences as required by the Alternative School principal (ie: conference after suspension, academic conference, return to school conference or others as needed).
  4. I acknowledge that I am ultimately responsible for my student and his/her behavior and I accept that responsibility. (NOE: if your child is not living in your home, you are not released from the rules and regulations of the Alternative School until your child reaches the legal age of 18)

Any and all regulations in the handbook may change in accordance with State and/or Federal Law or Policy. They are also subject to review and modification by the Hamblen County Board of Education, the administration of Hamblen County Schools and the Alternative School administration and staff; therefore, rules or regulations may change during a student's tenure at the Alternative School.

We have received a copy of the Miller Boyd Alternative School Handbook and acknowledge that we are responsible for following all the rules and regulations contained in it.

I hereby agree that I will be responsible for all FREE TEXTBOOKS used by my child or children. I hereby further agree that I will reimburse the HAMBLEN COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION for the value of any book or books that are badly damaged, destroyed or misplaced, while in use by my child or children during the scholastic year while placed at Miller Boyd Alternative School.

The policy of Hamblen County Schools requires a learning and working environment that is free from harassment or discrimination based on age, religion, disability, race or national origin. It will be a violation of this policy for any student or employee of the school system to sexually harass or discriminate against a student or an employee through conduct or communication in any form. This policy will be enforced in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of the 1972, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

We have received a copy of TCA 39-17-1505 which prohibits the purchase of tobacco by minors. We understand if my student is found in possession of any type of tobacco that it is the duty of the principal to issue a citation which will require my student to appear in Juvenile Court.

A school counselor is on staff at the Alternative School to work with students individually or in small groups to assist with academic, personal/social and/or career issues. This service is available to all students and is intended to ensure that the student's experience at the Alternative school is positive and the student's transition back to their regular school is successful.

In following the objectives of the Alternative School, the School Counselor;

  • Will work with the students to improve academic skills to facilitate a successful educational experience.
  • Will provide individual and group counseling to assist students in becoming responsible for their own actions.
  • Will conduct activities to build self-esteem and self-discipline.
  • Will work with students to learn respect and to get along with others.


  1. I understand that the role of the school counselor is to be an advocate for the student.
  2. I understand that he counselor is there to assist the student with academic, personal, social and/or career issues.
  3. I understand that I can speak to the school counselor in confidence about any issue concerning or affecting my educational program. It is understood that in issues where imminent danger is involved, the school counselor may have to seek assistance for the student.

In-School probation is a period of time in the regular school program after the student has reached the next-to-highest level of the assertive discipline level plan. The principal of the home school will make arrangements for the student and parent/guardian to attend a mandatory Alternative School orientation. The student will stay on probation for the remainder of the school year unless placed in the Alternative School.

Students who have reached the highest level of the assertive discipline plan or for some severe behavior will be placed in the Alternative School. The student and his/her parent/guardian will be required to sign the Alternative School contract before being allowed to enter the Alternative School.

Post-alternative school probationary period is a period in the regular school program after the student has completed tenure in the Alternative School and is placed back on level 4 of the assertive discipline plan for the reminder of the school year. If the student reaches the highest level of the assertive discipline plan again, he/she may be expelled. The SDHA or director of schools, after hearing an appeal may request placement back at the Alternative School for the remainder of the school year. If the student is allowed to return to the Alternative School, he/she will be placed on a special contract.

Any student who has been successful in the Alternative School will remain in the Alternative School structure for the remainder of the school year and will be allowed to return to a regular school program on the same basis as the other students (assertive discipline level 0) at the beginning of the next school year. Students who are in the Alternative School at the end of the 1 (one) school year and begin there the next school year will return to the regular school on the same basis as the other students (assertive discipline level 0) and will have completed their one-time option for middle or high school level.

Students expelled from the Alternative School but who return to the regular school during the same year that they are expelled are not allowed to return to the Alternative School during the school year. They will return to their regular school on level 4 (four).

Parents or Guardians,

Miller Boyd Alternative School will be offering both breakfast and lunch to students. Breakfast and lunch are provided free of charge to all Hamblen County students through December 31, 2020. As of January 1, 2021, students who wish to eat school lunch must have money in their lunch account at their home school. Parents needing to add money to their child's lunch account can do so by either taking money to the home school, mailing a check to the home school or paying through Miller Boyd staff members are not allowed to collect lunch money. If your child eats free or reduced lunch at their home school, they will also have that benefit while attending Miller Boyd Alternative School. The monthly lunch menu will be provided to students. Students will be asked at morning check-in if they are ordering lunch that day. The order will be turned in by 8:00 to John Hay Elementary School to ensure delivery by lunchtime. Students who are tardy or undecided will not receive a lunch if they have not ordered by 8:00. 


Hamblen County schools Nutrition Price List:
Breakfast: FREE to All Students
Lunch K-5: $2.05
Lunch 6-8: $2.30
Lunch 9-12: $2.55
Reduced Lunch: $0.40 (40¢)