The Alternative School does offer Breakfast & Lunch.
If a student wishes to bring their own meal, they will be inspected when entering the building.

  1. Meals should be brought in clear zip-lock bags

  2. No fast food

  3. No energy drinks

  4. All drinks are to be in unopened containers. If containers are opened when entering the building, it will be considered an inappropriate item.

  5. NO SHARING OF FOOD will be permitted (this is due to food allergies).

Lunch Menu

  • Choose 1 (one) entrée for lunch, each tray must have a fruit or vegetables and at least 2 (two) other items to be considered a meal.

  • Meals are subject to change without notice.

For Parents/Guardians

Connect to HCBOE
Nutrition Department
regarding FREE breakfast
and lunch for 2023-2024
school year. Go to:

May Lunch Menu