Frequently Asked Questions . . .

  • How should car riders be dropped off?
    Cars need to enter from Boyd School Road off East Morris Blvd (beside Davy Crockett Restaurant) and exit on Snyder Road. This keeps the flow going in 1 (one) direction in front of the school building. Students are to enter the school ONLY through the front double doors. The same procedure occurs in the afternoon.
  • Can I park anywhere in open parking spaces?
    No. If you need to park your vehicle, the lot across from the main building is available. The parking spaces in front and side of the main building are for Miller Boyd Alternative School Administration and Staff members.
  • May we pick up other students?
    No. You may only pick up your immediate family members. Car riders mist be picked up at 2:30pm. No exceptions.

  • Will my child be expelled for a simple offense like talking or sleeping?
    Yes, it can happen. Every school has basic rules and the rules of this school are very strict. After all, your child has been remanded to the Alternative School. Your child already had a chance at following the rules in the regular school. When a simple offense occurs over and over, we are then dealing with a pattern of behavior and no longer a simple act of talking or sleeping without permission.

  • May my child ride the bus?
    There is NO BUS TRANSPORTATION to Miller Boyd Alternative School unless it is specified in the child's IEP.

  • If a problem comes up and my child is in trouble, may I view the video?
    No. Videos are for the Principal or SRO's use only to help clarify what happened. Because of the Buckley Amendment and the Right to Privacy Act, you don't have the right to view them because other students are also on the video. Only school personnel may view the videos. 

  • May my child have medication for a headache?
    Yes. If you as a parent have signed the proper form and they are on file in our office he/she may have medication for a headache. If we do not have a signed form, then we will not dispense any type of medication. All medicines must be brought to school by an adult in the original container and signed in at the front desk.

  • May my child attend ball games, dances, proms, etc. at other schools?
    No. your child has been remanded to the Alternative School and that means he/she is not allowed on any other school campus. county policy states you are not to be on any other school property. Failure to follow this policy may result in your child possibly being arrested and expelled from Miller Boyd Alternative School.