Dress Code

The wearing of the alternative school uniform is a very important aspect of the school and the self-discipline of the student. It also demonstrates preparation for school and a positive attitude. If a student does not wear their uniform each day in an appropriate manner, it could result in expulsion.

All students must follow the following standardized dress:
Slacks (Males and Females)

·         Khakis slacks must be tan or light brown colored (no blue jeans or denim like material).

·         Slacks must be hemmed and worn at the waistline.

·         No painter or cargo pockets permitted.

·         Slacks will not be unreasonably tight or unreasonably baggy.

Skirts (Females only)

·         Full or mid knee, light colored skirts may be worn (A-line skirts, straight skirts, or pleated skirts without splits).

·         No wraparound skirts will be permitted.


·         Solid white or light blue, button-down collar or straight collar dress shirt (no denim) will be worn by both males and females.

·         All shirts must be neatly tucked, and all buttons must be in place and buttoned.

·         All shirts must have long sleeves or appropriate short sleeves (extending at least to the midpoint between the shoulder and elbow).

·         Plain white tee shirts may be worn under the dress shirt.

·         Standard jackets and coats may be worn to and from school.

·         No biker jackets or oversized coats (including trench coats) are permitted.

·         Jackets and coats are not to be worn in classroom except as specifically permitted by the principal.

·         Coats are to be removed immediately upon entering the building.


·         Solid colored dress shoes will be worn. Students may also wear conservative athletic shoes with soft soles. (low-top only)

·         Sandals, flip-flops and boots will not be permitted.


·         Solid or opaque socks or athletic socks must be coordinated with the slacks or skirts and will match.

·         Tennis/golf ankle socks will be permitted.


·         Ties will be worn by both males and females and will be solid navy or black.


·         Solid colored belts made of soft leather or cloth should be worn and visible if slacks or skirts have belt loops.

·         No large buckles will be permitted.
For all Apparel and Jewelry

·         No messages, writing, or large logos can be worn or seen.

·         All clothing must be neat with no holes, rips, or tears will be allowed in any wearing apparel.

·         Clothing will fit properly and will not be unreasonably tight or unreasonably baggy.

·         No jewelry will be permitted with the exception of watches.

·         No outerwear (i.e.…shorts) will be worn with the uniform.


A student's hair will be worn in a manner that does not disrupt the educational process or does not call attention to the individual. No unusual coloring or hairstyle will be permitted. (No headbands of any type will be allowed).
Boys' hair should be no longer than shoulder length. No shaved heads, ponytails, or hair buns will be permitted. Sideburns will not go below the ear. No facial hair will be permitted except for a neat mustache that does not exceed the width of the mouth nor cover the upper lip (no five o'clock shadow) when arriving at school.
The boy’s hair should be out of there eyes (above the eyebrows) at all times if this becomes a problem they will be required to get a haircut.


Notched eyebrows must be colored in neatly and remain colored in with a permanent marker.

·       No hats, headdress, or hat wear of any kind will be worn inside the building.

(No headbands of any type will be allowed).

Book Bags

·         No book bags permitted


·         Students will maintain a clean, neat appearance at all times.


If a student has to call home for part of their uniform, they will receive a warning on the first offense; a deduction of one point for the 2nd offense, 2 points for the 3rd offense, and a level for the 4th, 5th, and 6th offense."

The principal will have the right to take appropriate action to correct any student whose appearance, while not specifically covered by this policy, is considered by said principal to be out of compliance with board stated goal or to be disruptive of the educational process or sense of decency.